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Engine Mount

Quality Engine Mount from High Link Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Engine mount is the engine bracket, which is used to connect the components of the vehicle engine and chassis. The main function is to support the engine and reduce impact of engine vibration and noise to the driver when the vehicle is operating. It prevents the engine from moving or vibrating during the driving process to ensure the security of the driver and passengers and improving stability.

The engine mount is primarily made of a rubber, metal and other materials.

A premium high quality rubber can reduce noise and vibration effectively.

HIGH LINK Product Features:

  • 1. Self-owned formula and steady material for rubber
  • 2. High precision on tooling
  • 3. Full product range
  • 4. Continuous new product development

Stable Engine Mounts from an ISO9001 and IATF106949 certified company - Taiwan high quality auto parts: High Link Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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